As some-one once put it:  "We all like food with our meals"

The maintenance and development of Q-Rap can only benefit when some-one can focus on this job for a while and get food with the meal.

Consultants, consider saying thank you to the Q-Rap and QGIS teams when preparing your quotations and tenders. E.g. include  a donation as percentage of the price in the projects where you will use Q-Rap and once you received payment give back some of what you received.

Radio Network Operators:
Are there any specific feature or module that you would like to see and would be willing to sponsor? Contact BE@UP and/or Magdaleen Ballot
How much would you (do you) pay on commercial licenses? A mere fraction of that will help make Q-Rap, more stable, more useful and friendlier.

Until an account has been set up you may contact Magdaleen Ballot on this matter

For donations to QGIS please see the QGIS web-site